self portrait: pen, ink and wash on mdf board

It’s hard to successfully convey the essence of what motivates or inspires my photography. I operate intuitively, almost entirely by feeling. It simply exists. It is what it is. My view of the world is determined by how I feel. InnerVisible is a term I apply to the notion that through my images I’m making the inner me visible. It’s the world within me. The mental, spiritual, emotional me, that creates my interpretation of the outside world, the physical world. The great French abstract artist Pierre Soulages describes his work as being ‘guided by inner impulse’ and it’s not until certain forms and colours are on the canvas does it ‘tell me what I want’. To an extent this encapsulates what’s happening with me. Simply acting without planning, guiding without forcing. To my mind, a landscape is as much an imaginary place as one that may be walked over.

I too consider the planet as a living organism where all elements within go to make up the whole. Consequently, I see ‘life’ in all objects, regardless of how inanimate they appear, a life that’s hidden, waiting to be revealed. It’s a very personal vision, a strong interpretation of the representative world, one that challenges assumptions, makes unlikely connections and takes advantage of the unexpected. I find simplicity in ordinary, often discarded things and look to record their existence in shorthand, giving seemingly irrelevant and ignored details renewed meaning.

I believe superficiality stifles a life beneath the surface. By letting go of preconceptions, by forgetting what we know, by tolerating ambiguity, discord and things out of place it allows something else to emerge. In photographing this almost visionary world, I endeavour to create images that don’t close down the imagination of the viewer but invite a more dynamic relationship between the art, artist and spectator.